Rob May is a CSW (Certified Specialist of Wine), Level II Sommelier, and very close to completing the requirements for CWE (Certified Wine Educator) certification. He works as a wine consultant for Spes’s Liquors in Houston, Texas. While he studies and appreciates wines from around the world, his special areas of interest are Old-World regions where history, culture, wine, and food are intrinsically connected.

When asked about wine appreciation, Rob replied “At times, wine is a companion cuisine.  I often cook to the wine I’ve chosen, not the other way around.  But at other times, you’re just drinking – and that’s OK.  At the end of the day, wine consumption is a hedonistic experience that is all about pleasure it brings you. (Of course, I drink wine for the health benefits!)  I have been asked on more than one occassion: “Can you drink wine without analyzing?”  The answer is “probably not”.  I am analytical when tasting wine out of habit (all those training exercises for certification) and because it is my job to do so.  However, in most instances, a little somm-speak is enough.  After the introduction, the wine might want to say a few words of its own, and the message may not be the same for everybody.   Be quiet, and listen for a moment.  But in the end, don’t take it so seriously – Enjoy!!!”