In Old World culture, food and wine are intrinsically connected.  Both have developed together over the centuries.  The most basic premise of pairing is the food of the region pairs perfectly with the wines of the region.

In the New World, while there are some examples of regional cuisine, our wine culture is relatively young.  We are still a melting pot and have an endless variety of cuisine and wines from around the world to choose from,  Pairing can be a bit more daunting. This is a resource page to help with or give some great ideas for pairing food and wine.

Basic wine and Cheese Pairings

“What to Drink with What You Eat”  This is a great book on pairings of all kinds.  It relates foods to wine in and wines to food in separate sections.  It has a section on cheeses, and asides from famous chefs and sommeliers.  I use this extensively when I am stumped or want to experiment.